Welcome to Students.jbu.edu

This web server is intended to serve students with a course requirement to build a Web site. This space is to be used only to publish web pages required for course work. It should not be used for other “personal” web pages or for storing other files. All of these files will be deleted at the end of each semester, so keep a copy.

Your web site may be reached using the URL  http://students.jbu.edu/userid, where userid is your JBU network user id (user name).  For example, Joe Cool (CoolJ) will have a web site at http://students.jbu.edu/CoolJ

You post your files to the web site using FTP. The simplest method is to use Internet Explorer and open the URL ftp://students.jbu.edu  A login window will appear asking for your Network User Name and Password. After logging in, the browser will automatically be positioned in the correct folder for your web site. You can copy files between the folders on your computer and the web site using “drag and drop”.

Other FTP programs can be used, but the positioning may not be automatic. You can connect to students.jbu.edu then use the FTP client’s navigation tools to move into the your folder (the name of the folder is your userid). Other student’s folders will be visible, but not accessible.

If you have questions, contact the Help Desk at by email at help@jbu.edu or by phone at 524-7256.